It’s about Seeds

Spitting Watermelon Seeds

Sunflower Seed Art (that can be planted)
Learning about Rye
Keeping Seeds out of Tomato Sauce.

We read a story, colored a tractor picture, and climbed aboard an old and new tractor.



We read a story.
Did a strawberry craft.
Walked to the strawberry patch.
Picked strawberries to snack on.

As a treat, we enjoyed strawberry shortcake cupcakes made by the market's bakery!


We learned:
- Rhubarb is a perennial
- We eat the stalks and not the leaves
- The crushed leaves can be used as a natural insecticide
- Rhubarb stalks can be used in all kinds of recipes

>> Jams
>> Smoothies
and of course Pie!

All attendees harvested and planted their own rhubarb seeds to take home and tasted mini rhubarb pies.

Join us every Thursday at 10:30 to explore a new farm topic and hands on activity!